Development for August 2018 Exhibition

Working Title, "Hero Worship"

For the exhibition at Naughton, I would like to further explore the adoration of athletes and the
common notion of masculinity - juxtaposed with imagery that depicts sensuality, vulnerability,
and melancholy.

One series of pieces would be large-scale paintings on scarves, imitating the team soccer flag.
But the imagery on these scaves would depict men as flirtatious, sexy, and soft. And maybe for
the opening we could have rose petals and flowers strewn about the floor possibly.

Here are some examples of smaller, pennant flags in the same type of concept -
athletes and male figures represented as senusal or vulnerable. The top 3 measure
about 9 x 27 inches.
The one below measures approx 22 x 36 inches.

These are just a few very rough sketches and plan to create dozens more of these type of pieces - generally sizing about 6 x 9 inches. But I will also have some slightly larger pieces as well measuring 11 x 14 inches. All of these are planned to be on paper.