For one wall, I wanted to make a series of small works on paper sizing about 6 x 9 Inches.

These are all development so imagery and colors are still being revised, but for the July show I wanted to create a more floral, softer set of paintings.

And I was thinking of having at least 12-15 in number and they might look good in frames or maybe some aren't framed like last year...definitely options to play with!

For below I am thinking of making these two seperate large scale screen prints measuring about 22 x 26 inches. If these are framed nicely, they would take up a good amount of wall space and could have a really nice, dramatic effect. I'd love to use a dark crimson ink on a softer color.
I also was thinking maybe a number of them are printed on silk charmeuse at a higher price, and the remainder on a high quality, archival paper.

And also - I wanted to make each one different with a small unique animal or insect ...maybe one has a few rain drops on the leaves etc. I think it could add some really nice nuance to each print. Thoughts??