Development for August 2018 Exhibition

Hero Worship

I have been delving deeper into my exploration of hyper-masculinity and idyllic male beauty as characterized in my work through athletes, jocks, and body-building figures. However, these characters are depicted with sexualized, absurd, and even surreal poses juxtaposing the idea of what it means to be masculine or at least the accepted version of it.

Below are a series of smaller works 6 x 9 inches that I plan to have at least 15 or so final images to choose from what is exhibited.
Photo May 28, 5 27 22 PM.jpg

These are slightly larger painting series that I will also add about 10 images to again for a final assortment that we can determine in the gallery.
Photo May 28, 5 31 20 PM.jpg

And then I am in the final stages of painting the larger flags. I will have text in a collegiate typeface at the top with a painted image beneath. These measure 3 x 5 feet and envision these hanging from the ceiling or wall mimicking how championship flags are hung in an auditorium.