The top image is more recent 6 x 9 inch paintings, in more finalized color palette. But please know these are unfinished and all of them will have floral details and pattern added.
And these are only a few, I'm planning to have at least 15 or more for us to choose from the final assortment.
Photo May 24, 12 52 56 PM.jpg

The image is for scale of one part of the 24 x 24 inch paintings.
Possibly maybe we frame these or mount somehow.
Will send to you before show to weigh options.
Photo Mar 31, 2 32 48 PM.jpg
These below are the 9 x 12 inch screen print versions. The black or dark ink would be screen printed but I would hand paint each of the lips and nips. I think a set of 25 each priced around $50-60 would be good.
Photo May 24, 10 14 23 AM.jpg